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In July of 2010, Jeff and Jackie Bird traveled to Haiti to help with the relief effort. It had been almost six months since the 7.0 earthquake hit, yet the country remained in a desperate state. The Haitians who had survived the earthquake were now displaced and contending with a lack of clean water, food and medical aid.

Jeff and Jackie returned home with a passion to empower everyday people like themselves to impact the lives of those in need. They immediately laid the groundwork for Epic International, a company with philanthropy at its core. For every Epic timepiece sold, Epic will provide clean drinking water for an individual in Haiti for five years through the distribution of water filters. Our Epic teams also provide health education during our distributions to te
ach the basics about germs, disease, hygiene and food preparation. This provides a foundation of knowledge that when combined with a water filter creates life changing self empowerment!


1 in 8 People in the World Do Not Have Access to Clean Water

Approximately Every 19 Seconds a Child Dies from a Water-Borne Disease

Almost 1 Billion People in the World Do Not Have Access to Clean Water


Many people in developing countries, including Haitians, collect their drinking water from local rivers and streams that are polluted with trash, waste and chemicals. These unfortunate conditions facilitate the rapid spreading of preventable diseases and sickness throughout the world.

Through the support of our customers, Epic provides clean drinking water to individuals in Haiti through the distribution of water filters. The water filters that Epic distributes are capable of eliminating the following diseases:

* Vibrio Cholerae (causative agent, cholera)
* E-Coli
* Diphtheria
* Cryptosporidium
* Giardia Lamblia
* Cyclospora
* Salmonella Typhil
* Shingella Dysenteria
* Arsenic 3 & 5
* Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
* Taste & Odor
* Aluminum & Lead
* Pesticides & Rodenticides

"Water is a limited natural resource and a public good fundamental for life and health. The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life of human dignity. It is a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights." -- United Nations Economic and Social Council, November 2002